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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Hammer Reports from ICC the Builder

Are you starting the New Year with a Renovation Project?

Maybe you’ve thought about this renovation for a long time.  You’ve anticipated the project, the problems, and the outcome.  You’ve saved some money, interviewed a few different contractors (hopefully) and gotten more than one price.

You’ve spoken to the contractor’s references and seen examples of the type of work the contractor does.  The decision is made and you are ready to go!

Here are a few things you may NOT have thought about ……or questions you may want to ask your contractor (if you haven’t already).

1.  Is there a firm timetable for getting the job done?  When will the project start, how long will it take and when is it going to be done?

2.  Will the adjacent areas be protected during the renovation and will the area be left tidy at the end of the work day?  Don’t forget you still have to live in the house and renovations are a huge disruption in the flow of living.

3.  Will the contractor be on-the-job daily or just the workers?  Who is your communication point?

4.  What time do they start in the morning?  Most contractors are on the job site and prepared to begin at 7:00am.

5.  How can the contractor be reached during the project or afterwards?

6.  Have you reviewed the entire contract?  Is it clear what will be done and what it will cost?

7.  Did you ask your contractor for a Certificate of Insurance?  If the contractor has employees the Certificate must show there is Worker’s Compensation Insurance as well.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  It’s not being pushy….it’s being prudent!

8.  Good luck.  NOW you are ready to go.

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